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Congress of Christian Education

Pastor Henry L. Arnold, President
Dr. Michael J. Johnson, Dean


Monthly (Saturday) District Workshop


# 1063 – Survey of Malachi    (INSTRUCTOR: DR. MICHAEL STEWARD)

Study the prophetic book of the Old Testament that was written to rebuke the people of Israel for their shallow worship practices.  Learn about God’s great blessings that are to be bestowed upon those who are faithful to Him.

# 1075 – The Synoptic Gospels    (INSTRUCTOR:  MINISTER GREG CLAY)

Focus on the Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Students will study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as portrayed by these three writers.  Through this comparative study, students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ ministry.

# 1086 Church History in Acts    (INSTRUCTOR:  DR. TYLER V. HARDEMAN)

Focus on the development of church after the ascension of Jesus Christ.  Students will probe information about the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, and the spreading of the Gospel from Jerusalem, Judah, Samaria and throughout the known world.  The prominence of Peter and Paul will be highlighted.

# 1091 – Survey of 1st Corinthians   (REV. MOSES ATWOOD)

Examine the book of 1st Corinthians, with emphasis on the date, authorship, themes, and general content.  Reflect on some of the strong major problems that challenged the church as addressed by Paul.

# 1094 – Survey of Ephesians    (PASTOR ROBERT LIKELY)

Focus on the book of Ephesians, with emphasis on the authorship, date, and recipients of this letter.   This letter, while confirming the role of Christ in the church, also highlights responsible Christian living and unity in Christ.

# 5012 – Becoming an Effective Deacon    (PASTOR F. DOUGLAS YOUNG)

Assist the deacon in becoming aware of his biblical base.  Ideas are given that will enable them to more effectively perform their duties and work harmoniously with the pastor and other church leaders.

# 6018 – Administering the Sunday School-Superintendent’s Class   (PASTOR PAUL A. BLACKMON, SR.)

Concentrate on the various administrative tasks needed to direct the church school ministry.  Focus on a variety of administrative functions, to include recruiting, staffing, planning, programming, curriculum, budgeting, policy making, supervision, delegation and evaluation.

# 8004 – The Program of the Missionary Society    (SIS. ARZELLA SIMPSON & SIS. IRA JONES)

Examine the department of missions in the local church.  Introduce the function of the Missionary department and the organizational structures and activities of the National Baptist Convention Missionary program.

# 9912 – Young Pastors & Ministers Seminar    (PASTOR WILLIE W. DEMPS, SR.)

Study practical matters as church administration, staff relationships, community leadership, ministerial ethics and work with congregation managements, and other professional issues not normally handled in a class setting.  Review denominational structure and associational ministry.  Build confidence and skills that lead to more effective ministry.

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