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Congress of Christian Education

Pastor Henry L. Arnold, President
Dr. Michael J. Johnson, Dean


Monthly (Saturday) District Workshop


Course Descriptions (2018-2019)

1004       EFFECTIVE BIBLE READING – Pastor Robert Likely (Mt. Carmel Baptist Church)
Identify methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity.  Areas that will be covered include the structure of the Bible and resources for personal study.  Employ resources and tools of hermeneutics.

1028       SURVEY OF ESTHER – Pastor Paul Blackmon (First Baptist Church, Ferry Pass)
Explore the way God intervened in the life of this great woman. Explore the deliverance of the Jews by Queen Esther. This course will also highlight the other main characters of the book.

1076       THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW – Pastor Moses Atwood
Reveal the facts that this gospel was initially written to Jewish Christians of Palestine.  Information in this course will prove that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah and that in Him ancient prophecies had their fulfillment.  Leading characteristics of this gospel:  it sets forth the kingly glory of Christ and shows Him to be a true heir of David’s throne.

1075      THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS – Dr. Tyler Hardeman (Antioch Baptist Church) 
Focus on the Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Students will study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as portrayed by these three writers.  Through this comparative study, students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ ministry.   

4012       THE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – Pastor Michael Steward (Pilgrim Lodge Baptist Church)
Study the person and work of the Holy Spirit. A thorough look at the corresponding doctrines that influence our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. Identify this doctrine of the church with a holistic understanding of salvation, with special emphasis on justification, redemption, and sanctification.

5001      INTRODUCTION TO LEADERSHIP & LEADERSHIP STYLES - Pastor Michael Thompson (Greater Union Baptist Church)
Introduce students to leadership in the church. In it, they will become familiar with various forms of leadership.

5012      BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE DEACON - Pastor F. Douglas Young (Mt. Canaan Baptist Church)
Assist the deacon in becoming aware of his biblical base.  Ideas are given that will enable them to more effectively perform their duties and work harmoniously with the pastor and other church leaders.

8038     FAMILY LIFE: HOME & CHURCH WORKING TOGETHER - Dr. Michael Johnson (Sixth Avenue Baptist Church)
Develop methods for laying a foundation for the church and home to work together in a family-oriented Christian Education program. Collaborative techniques will be designed to address the means for encouraging a closer working relationship between the local church and the households that comprise the local church. Transmit the Christian education process from the local church to each home.

9912       SEMINAR FOR YOUNG PASTORS AND MINISTERS – Pastor Willie Demps (Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church)
Study practical matters as church administration, staff relationships, community leadership, ministerial ethics and work with congregation managements, and other professional issues not normally handled in a class setting.  Review denominational structure and associational ministry.  Build confidence and skills that lead to more effective ministry.

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